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Blog of our Cellbox-2 mission

Re-flight of our Cellbox experiment from 2014
by Jessica Pietsch

15.09.16: Next meeting scheduled for Monday 26th of September 2016

Although there was an explosion September 1st on the SpaceX launch pad at Kennedy Space Center, we go ahead with the preparation of the Cellbox-2 project. Since the explosion, all upcoming Falcon 9 rocket launches are on hold and no new launch dates were announced. Therefore, we have no information when the SpaceX rocket CRS-11 will launch. Anyhow, we will have a telecon on September 26th to discuss the next steps.

06.07.16: Kick-off meeting via telecon!

Today we had a first telecon with Airbus Defence and Space, the German Space Agency (DLR) and the other scientist who participate in Cellbox-2. In May, we were first contacted to revise/check the Experimental Requirement Document (ERD) which we left almost as it was for the Cellbox mission 2014. Only minor things like the staff was changed. During the telecon, general information about the mission was shared, e.g. lab space in the Space Life Science Lab (SLSL), what equipment we might share between the scientists, a possible timeline, how we can get our consumables to the lab etc..

Cellbox-2 is planned to launch on SpaceX 11 from Cape Canaveral to the ISS. As of today, the launch date for SpaceX 11 is February 1st, 2017. We will keep the blog going whenever something happens. So keep in tune.